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Sergio Gobbo is a photographer, designer, actor, director, lecturer, diver and museum director

Sergio Gobbo is a photographer, designer, actor, director, lecturer, diver and museum director, being born on 18 May 1950 at Koper. He studied industrial and graphic design at Venice, obtaining his diploma in 1973, and from 1983 he was living at Isola/Slovenia, moving later to Groznjan/Grisignano in Istria, to manage his private gallery/museum “„Gallerion“” at Novigrad/Cittanova, with a collection dedicated to the Austro-Hungarian Navy, in the meantime taking the second place worldwide. In his collection there could be found numerous objects related to other Adriatic navies too.

He has organised several prized exhibitions on toys, gadgets for children playgrounds and children cinematography, and he designed exhibitions for other authors in galleries and museums. Well known are his projects and the voluntary works for the better living of children in urban communities, institutions, hospitals and other institutes for children and young people. From 1980 onwards he was active in promoting of tourism, for the Tourist Associations of Croatia, Istria, Quarnero and of several cities, and for the tourist companies from Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Caribbean Islands. Additionally he designed many catalogues, books, posters and wine bottle stickers for some first class wine-yards.

He is also known for discovering a wreck of an old warship in the waters of Lissa/Vis, and as a member of team operating with the Underwater Archaeology Section of the Croatian Ministry for Culture. In 2005 he and his partners opened at Novigrad/Cittanova the standing exhibition “Our Austro-Hungarian Navy”, as the first step for the establishing an international naval and maritime museum. The research of the common naval heritage – being mostly ignored until today – is posing a great challenge and is taking more and more of his free time. Alone and in company of his partners he organised several expositions in museums and galleries at Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula, Split, Dubrovnik, Vienna, Ljubljana, Piran, Prague, Venice, Munich, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Helsinki, Warsaw and Kyoto. For his work on different fields he received numerous prizes and rewards. For him the greatest of all rewards was the chance to open his own museum – „Gallerion“ at Novigrad.

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