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The new Museum

A main goal of our activities – in close cooperation with our partners – is to establish a large international Museum, dedicated to the maritime and naval history, with the focus on the Croatian and Northern Adriatic maritime tradition.

Our wish and intention are to move to new locations, to the Fort Marie Louise on the Musil Peninsula at Pola and to the Fort Brioni Minor on the island Brioni Minor. Having more room on these locations we could offer a better presentation of our collections, and to show - systematically and chronologically - various themes from the maritime and naval histories, covering various overseas missions, fishery themes, shipbuilding, building of fortifications, harbours and lighthouses, and almost everything connected with the sea. These two fortifications, being cultural monuments belonging to the 1st Category, would become interesting tourist objects, and would be at the same time protected from the decay and vandalism.

For several years we are working on plans to realise this project, and an elaborate is already made, as shown in an attachment on our web page. The negotiations with responsible state institutions are very promising and we hope to realise this project. The steady growing of our collections is another pressing factor to move to an adequate location with more room.

In the Photo Gallery You could see the pictures and the artist impressions of the plans for the new Museum, with the themes concept for the new exhibition in the casemates of the fortress Marie Louise.

The project “Fort Marie Louise” with its surroundings

Pola of today is a city with numerous historical objects and buildings, but some of these are hidden from view as in shame away from typical tourist routes, like the Musil Peninsula with the Fort Marie Louise, a building with 6300 square metres, 3400 of these covered. This fortification complex could became an attractive magnet of a great importance for the tourism and the culture, presenting through objects and pictures the naval and maritime history, attracting tourists and maritime enthusiasts, showing in adequate rooms the military and naval history of Pola, as a part of our common history.

The fortress Marie Louise is a more than suitable object for such exhibitions and thanks to the circular form it could became a new Arena, in the city well known in Europe and in the world after its Roman Amphitheatre, but in circles of “maritime Buffs” as the Central Naval Harbour of the old and tradition-rich Imperial and Royal Navy.

The position of the fortress on the peak of the Musil peninsula, closing the Bay of Pola from the south, and protecting the harbour, is enabling an almost 360° view, enhancing the value of this location for the Museum by the panoramic view of Pola and its surroundings, extending to the Brioni Archipelago.

We are inviting all interested persons and institutions to help us in the research of our common maritime history and to support this research with their contributions, especially by sending us short reports on history of “their” seamen, from all epochs and navies operating on the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, independent of the “side” they took part on.

These reports should be written in “Word for Windows”, and the photographs scanned in biggest possible resolution, to be sent to us via Jumbo or by another internet service meant for the transfer of great data packages. Your suggestions and announcements of materials that would be sent should be mailed to one of the following addresses:

Sergio Gobbo / Braće Korva 11 / 52 429 Grožnjan / Hrvatska / Croatia EU

GSM: 00385 (0)98 254 279

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