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dr. Achille Rastelli

Dr. Achille Rastelli (14 February 1944 – 15 May 2012) – in memoriam

Dr. Achille Rastelli was born in 1944 in Besana Brianza near Milan and was an attorney at law. Until his premature death in 2012 he lived and worked at Milan, but his great love was history, especially naval history. He published numerous books, like “Le Navi del Re” (King´s Ships), “Italiani a Shanghai” (Italians at Shanghai), “Le Portaerei Italiani” (Italian aircraft carriers), “Battaglie navali del XX secolo” (Sea Battles of the 20th Century), “I cacciatorpediniere tipo Pattison e Orlando” (Destroyers of Types Pattison and Orland)... He was one of the authors of the seven tome series “La Storia dei Trasporti Maritime di Linea” about passenger ships, and of the books “Sommergibili in Guerra” (Submarines in War), “La Guerra Navale 1914-1918” (Naval War 1914-18”), “Navi mercantile perdute” (Lost /Italian/ merchant ships) and others. He was one of the co-founders of the Italian military review “Storia militare”, publishing there and in other Italian and international magazines many articles on naval themes. He was also the president of the Association of Friends of Museums at Milan, one of the founders and the president of the “Associazione Italiana Documentazione Marittima e Navale” (AIDMEN), a member of the Association ALDEBARAN from Trieste, of the German DGSM and of other similar associations. He took part on several conferences with maritime themes in Italy and Croatia. His great collection of ships photographs was of great help for himself and for other authors, and he was always ready to help with an advice or a picture in case of need. Without his help the realisation of the international component of “„Gallerion“” would have been almost impossible. His unexpected demission has left a great emptiness, not only for his family, but also for many friends, authors, readers and naval enthusiasts. Several of his projects were left unfinished too.

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