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Zvonimir Freivogel Dr. stom. (Univ. Agram)

Dr. Zvonimir Freivogel

Dr. Zvonimir Freivogel was born on 19 July 1955 at Zagreb/Croatia, going there to the high school and to the Dental School of the University of Zagreb, completing his studies with a diploma in 1979, to move in the same year to Germany, to live and work there. From his teen years he was interested in naval and maritime matters, especially on the Adriatic, and from 1984 his articles on sea warfare were published in naval and military history magazines in Germany, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Russia and United States. He was a contributor to the well known naval yearbooks, like the British “Jane´s Fighting Ships”, German “Weyers Flottentaschenbuch”, American “Combat Fleets of the World”, French “Les flottes de combat” and Italian “Almanacco Navale”.

In Croatia, Germany, Austria and Poland there were published his books on A-H battleships, submarines and torpedo boats, German auxiliary cruisers (“Raiders”), fast attack craft and frigates, Italian corvettes and U.S. frigates, together with a book on the Adriatic Sea Warfare from 1940 to 1945 (written together with late Dr Achille Rastelli from Milan), and still another on Austro-Hungarian Armed Forces between 1914 and 1918. In addition he wrote several essays in some works appearing in Croatia, Italy and the U.S.A. Other publications are in preparation, and in the meantime he became a permanent staff member of the Croatian military magazine “VP” and of the German edition of the military review “Husar”. He was giving lectures on maritime themes on several conferences and meetings in Croatia, Austria and Germany, and from 2005 he is helping with the organisation of „Gallerion“ at Novigrad.

He is trying to prove the fact that there were no different separate naval and maritime histories on the Adriatic, these being only parts of our common history under different ensigns. Some of the ships were flying four or more flags during their career, but has preserved the Croatian naval tradition, often ignored or oppressed by some of the rulers.


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