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Sergio Gobbo

Sergio Gobbo is a photographer, designer, actor, director, lecturer, diver and museum director, being born on 18 May 1950 at Koper. He studied industrial and graphic design at Venice, obtaining his diploma in 1973, and from 1983 he was living at Isola/Slovenia, moving later to Groznjan/Grisignano in Istria, to manage his private gallery/museum “„Gallerion“” at Novigrad/Cittanova, with a collection dedicated to the Austro-Hungarian Navy, in the meantime taking the second place worldwide. In his collection there could be found numerous objects related to other Adriatic navies too.

He has organised several prized exhibitions on toys, gadgets for children playgrounds and children cinematography, and he designed exhibitions for other authors in galleries and museums. Well known are his projects and the voluntary works for the better living of children in urban communities, institutions, hospitals and other institutes for children and young people. From 1980 onwards he was active in promoting of tourism, for the Tourist Associations of Croatia, Istria, Quarnero and of several cities, and for the tourist companies from Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Caribbean Islands. Additionally he designed many catalogues, books, posters and wine bottle stickers for some first class wine-yards.

Gallerion Verfasser

Dr. Zvonimir Freivogel

Dr. Zvonimir Freivogel was born on 19 July 1955 at Zagreb/Croatia, going there to the high school and to the Dental School of the University of Zagreb, completing his studies with a diploma in 1979, to move in the same year to Germany, to live and work there. From his teen years he was interested in naval and maritime matters, especially on the Adriatic, and from 1984 his articles on sea warfare were published in naval and military history magazines in Germany, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Russia and United States. He was a contributor to the well known naval yearbooks, like the British “Jane´s Fighting Ships”, German “Weyers Flottentaschenbuch”, American “Combat Fleets of the World”, French “Les flottes de combat” and Italian “Almanacco Navale”.

Gallerion Verfasser

Dr. Achille Rastelli (14 February 1944 – 15 May 2012) – in memoriam

Dr. Achille Rastelli was born in 1944 in Besana Brianza near Milan and was an attorney at law. Until his premature death in 2012 he lived and worked at Milan, but his great love was history, especially naval history. He published numerous books, like “Le Navi del Re” (King´s Ships), “Italiani a Shanghai” (Italians at Shanghai), “Le Portaerei Italiani” (Italian aircraft carriers), “Battaglie navali del XX secolo” (Sea Battles of the 20th Century), “I cacciatorpediniere tipo Pattison e Orlando” (Destroyers of Types Pattison and Orland)... He was one of the authors of the seven tome series “La Storia dei Trasporti Maritime di Linea” about passenger ships, and of the books “Sommergibili in Guerra” (Submarines in War), “La Guerra Navale 1914-1918” (Naval War 1914-18”), “Navi mercantile perdute” (Lost /Italian/ merchant ships) and others. He was one of the co-founders of the Italian military review “Storia militare”, publishing there and in other Italian and international magazines many articles on naval themes. He was also the president of the Association of Friends of Museums at Milan, one of the founders and the president of the “Associazione Italiana Documentazione Marittima e Navale” (AIDMEN), a member of the Association ALDEBARAN from Trieste, of the German DGSM...

Gallerion Verfasser

Lucijan Diminic – Curriculum vitae

I was born on 2 February 1932 at St. Lovrec – Labin in a seamen family. I have visited the grammar school at St. Lovrec, and went later for two years to the Italian Gymnasium at Fiume/Rijeka, completing the first class during the war and the second after the war ended.

When I was 15 years old, I went to sea on our little ships from St. Lovrec – Labinese Trabacles of some 150 to 200 grt. We transported mostly coals, coming from the Rasa coal mine, from the harbour of Brsica in the Rasa Channel to Rijeka, and that is how my seafaring career begun.

After several years on trabacles, I went to the Nautical School at Bakar, and absolved my study as a junior machine engineer. Afterwards I served in ships of the „Jadranska slobodna plovidba“ as a junior machine engineer, visiting most of Mediterranean harbours, until being recruited for the armed forces.


The "Gallerion" Collection is also including exhibits from following Museums, Societies or Institutions, and from borrowed or donated private collections:

Croatian War Museum, EOD/IED–BOMB disposal Pula, Uljanik shipyard Pula, Zdenko Kinjerovac Zagreb, Johannes Jedina Wien, Family Fischmann Wienn, Ing. Daniel Frka Kraljevica, Museum Kobarid Slovenia, Slovenian war museum Pivka Slovenia, Museo della guerra bianca Adamello Italia , Associazzione Aldebaran Trieste, Tabor Museum Lokve Slovenija, Tomi Brezovec Portorož Slovenia, Ljuba i Ljubo Dubrovnik, Dora & Roby Pazstoi Budapest, Dr. Balogh Tamas, Gianni Spic Karigador, Andrea i Guido Zancola Novigrad Cittanova, Andrew Wilkie USA, Porton - Valmi Fabris Novigrad Cittanova, Museum Mediterannum Portorož Slovenia, Muhamed Spržo Srajevo, Giuliano Borri Trieste Italia, Famm. Pocecco Muggia Italia, Enrico Mazzoli Trieste Italia, Tibberio Celleri Izola Slovenia.

Our permanent Exhibition "Gallerion" and different thematic exhibitions were supported by following institutions and persons, whose help we are thankfully appreciating:

Milijenko Domijan (Zadar-Rab), Dr.Otto Von Hapsburg, Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske, Uprava za zaštitu kulturne baštine, Grad Novigrad Citta di Cittanova, TZ Novigrad Cittanova, Grad Pula Citta di Pola, Arheološki muzej Split, Vision d.o.o. (Novigrad/Cittanova), INA Zagreb, Uljanik Pula, Dr. Zvonimir Freivogel, Prof.Achille Rastelli, Ing. Frka Daniel, Ing. Zdenko Kinjerovac, Restaurant Amfora, Marcel Blažina (Izola/Isola), Prof.Doris Pohlen Gobbo (Strunjan Strugnano), (Trieste), Ing. Gobbo Gino (Izola/Isola), Ing. Gobbo Janko (Izola/Isola), Mauer Petr Budapest , Andrea & Guido Zancola Novigrad Cittanova, Porton - Valmi Fabris Novigrad Cittanova, Oiguranje Triglav Buje Buie, Capitano di vascello Roberto Domini Vittorio Veneto Italia, DGD Novigrad Cittanova, Atelje Stelio Pavletić – Paul Novigrad Cittanova, Otp banka Pula, Prof. Sergio Zerial (Trieste), Ing. Slobodan Simić (Portorož/Portorose), Mag. Tomi Brezovec (Portorož/Portorose), Brigitte Mussig Clagenfurt, Z.L. Ante Baisero Novigrad Cittanova, Odvj. Dubravko Žic Novigrad Cittanova, Peter Krtina Wien, Ros Nico Amsterdam, Libero Rojnić (Pula/Pola), Franco Miklavčič (Velenie), Hrvatski restauratorski zavod (Zagreb), Jama Baredine (Poreč), Yuri & Olga Novak (Makiïvka), Tomislav Ivašković (Bjelovar), Ing. Arh. Braco Bravaćić (Dubrovnik), Željko Škomeršić (Krk), Vran Silvester Izola Slovenia, Dušan Bonifačić & family USA, Dragan Gacević Kotor, Josip Žagar Ljubljana, ANMA DIVING CENTER VIS, KRNICADIVE.COM, Ivan Parapatić, BRIGITTE MUSSNIG.

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